The WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES as organization is to grow and set the standards for efficient service, excellent facilities, sound infrastructure, experience, logistics capability.


WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES is the  corporate chain of diagnostic centres in India with 5 laboratories, and a presence in Rajasthan India .

Quick Reports

Reports are also available online ensuring daily reporting and quick turnaround time.

Logistics Capability

we have developed a keen knowledge base on national logistics including preservation, transportation, packing and documentation for sample handling.


Services are provided through full automation, regular calibration and controls, standardized imported reagents, authorization by qualified pathologists. A crosschecking mechanism for result checking (while feeding, reporting, signing) is done to ensure that a wrong result never goes to a patient.

Sample Management

Pre-analytical factors can contribute to as high as 45% of total errors made by a pathology laboratory. We, at WHCL, use effective Sample Management practices and well-organized pre-analytical systems to eliminate possible errors in test reports.

  • Sample handling and labelling
  • Sample collection
  • Sample transport
  • Sample dispatch to laboratory for analysis



A dedicated team of trained data entry operators carries out accessioning in LMS. Double-checking of data entry is done under supervision, which ensures zero errors in demographics and registration of sample. All the requisitions are stored in organized manner for reference. Number of accessions is monitoring shift wise to ensure error free, quality work. Major collection/reference centers are directly connected through on line for ease of accessioning and efficiency.


Sample handling and labelling:

A dedicated team of technicians ensures checking of sample integrity, labelling and bar-coding. To ensure result reliability, acceptance and rejection of samples policies are well defined. As soon as accessioning is done, specific bar code for the patients sample is generated, which carries SID (Sample identification number) information. The software generates appropriate number of bar codes for each patient depending on the variety of containers required. The bar code label also contains patient’s name, date and time of collection, name of tests and type of container. The system ensures zero chance of wrong labeling.


Sample collection:

We have a separate patient services section responsible for sample collection. This section is a group of well-trained experienced phlebotomists working under supervision of our Customer Care department. The main laboratory, peripheral laboratory and collection centres have uniform appearance, infrastructure and work instructions. We take care of patients’ privacy and comfort by carrying out entire activities of registration, history recording, sample collection, fees collection and discussion within collection room. The samples are collected in vacuum containers. Most of the blood collection material and devices required are disposable. We try to make blood collection a painless and trouble-free procedure. Extra care is taken for paediatric and difficult collections.


Sample transport:

All the collection rooms, collection centres and reference centres carry a directory of WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES services, which details guidelines on sample collection, preparation, storage and transport. The most labile analyses like Ammonia, Semen and Bicarbonate are collected only at the main processing laboratory. Any other collected sample is not accepted. Other labile analyses like PTH, ACTH and HIV-RNA are transported in dry ice. All the regular samples are transported in cool gel packs in a temperature controlled thermocol boxes. To maintain integrity of samples the local samples are delivered within 3-4 hours and outstation samples within 8 to 24 hours using cargo or courier mode. Specific thermacol boxes have been designed for transport of samples that have special temperature requirements.

Report Management :

All the results undergo three level of authorization following which the LMS software routes the information for printing.

Report dispatch

The reports are delivered through various modes:


  • All the franchisee and outstation reference centre reports are uploaded on web.
  • In selected cases, the outstation reports are sent through courier.
  • In-house courier team efficiently delivers local reference centres reports.
  • Appropriate log of report dispatch and delivery is maintaine