To offer comprehensive diagnostic solutions to the public using governmental delivery mechanisms and private management to improve access and equity of services.

To ensure reach of Diagnostic Services to meet the needs and demands of the patient through relevant clinical requirement of end user by providing appropriate technology to the healthcare service provider.

To maintain a balance between the patient, healthcare provider and end user requirements and providing appropriate technology for successful integration of the clinical diagnostics industry.


  • Proposed Models to offer services in PPP
  • Cost Sharing Model
  • Technology Sharing Model
  • Performance Support Model


Cost sharing model

Government Provides the Space & WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES Establishes and Operate by offering entire benefits to the Public Directly

Government Provides Space - WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES establishes and Operate by hiring the place & share the revenue - offering benefits through Govt.

Technology sharing model

Government Provides Space & basic infrastructure - WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES Upgrades and operates by hiring the space and paying a royalty to the existing infrastructure

agreed lease fee / charges per patient is paid to the technology provider

 Performance support model

Ideal for Government Medical College Hospitals

Government Provides Space & technology - WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES operates trains & Provide quality service at subsidized cost.

WELIOR HEALTHCARE LABORATORIES takes a Consultant fee / Service fee

  • Areas of PPP requirement
  • Government Hospitals
  • Government Medical Colleges
  • Government Labs & Diagnostic centres
  • NGO funded Health Institutions
  • Partners for PPP
  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • NGO